Magister in short

Magister Solutions Ltd delivers internationally recognized services starting from designing new radio resource management concepts and algorithms to high end software solutions used in the space industry. Magister is a privately held company forming a group with it’s software industry subsidiaries Versine Ltd and MDO Group Ltd who are all committed to solve challenges set by world’s leading mobile, software and space industry corporations.  Magister employs ~30 multinational and highly qualified persons from which over 60% are professors, Ph.Ds or Ph.D. students. Group wide there are ~40 employees in five cities across Finland. Head office of the company is in Jyväskylä, Central Finland.


Problems that we are solving

In the current markets, especially in telecommunications, the service requirements, usage levels, fierce competition, cost reductions and even regulatory standardization and legislation push the service providers to make quicker decisions to improve the profitability and quality of their services.

This can, however, lead to completely opposite outcome as a lot of those potential solutions that look good on paper are not suitable commercial systems. Our mission is that all of our deliverables are designed and evaluated so that they offer truly commercially viable solutions without time and resource consuming processes.


To address the problem Magister Solutions has developed wide range of simulative and analytic approaches to narrow the options down to those which are commercially viable without our customers needing to invest in prototype or commercial systems. Simulative approach means that complete system with all interactions is implemented into a software program that models real world behaviour in detail.

For instance, in the case of cellular communication, users, devices (terminals, base stations, controllers, core network), radio access technology and services are fully included and customizable in the software which allows us to investigate both current and future trends and challenges cost-efficiently. This approach is proven efficient and used by world’s leading organizations including Nokia, Renesas Mobile Corporation and Nokia Siemens Networks together with their product development and standardization activities.

Market and Customers

Our target markets and current customer segments include, but are not limited to, device and network manufactures and vendors as well as network operators, contractors and R&D organizations. We have had and expanded our trusted customer relationships with largest network vendors, manufactures, universities and their partners ever since Magister’s founding.

These include Nokia, Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN), European Space Agency (ESA) and Renesas Mobile Corporation and their partners. Close connections with industry and academia helps to attract the top talents to the Magister.