Magister’s new service: Scientific data analytics

Our new service concentrates on finding business advantages by analyzing process data. With machine learning, it is possible to find out things that none of us has even been able to imagine by now. 

For 20 years already, we have been researching demanding telecom and satcom technologies, developing algorithms, and building simulators in various international projects. During these decades, we have developed a really extensive competence in handling and analyzing complex data.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics are burning hot topics right now – and for good reason. The use possibilities are tremendously extensive in all industries. That’s why we decided to make our expertise in this area available to our customers as a separate scientific data analytics service.

For example, in the logistics sector, the use of machine learning and data analytics can significantly change operating methods. Optimizing route planning with the help of machine learning not only makes transportation more efficient but can also reduce time use and fuel costs. By planning logistics more precisely, a company can avoid overcapacity, optimize the use of resources, and reduce operational costs. In addition, automating and making warehouse management more efficient with the help of data can significantly speed up delivery processes and reduce the possibility of errors. 

In the health sector, similar technologies can predict disease attacks, improve healthcare logistics and patient flow management, and automate and optimize equipment and inventory management. These methods can also bring considerable benefits to the business side, for example in making processes more efficient, cost savings, and improving the quality of services, which promotes competitiveness.

In many organizations, there are huge amounts of data that can provide advantages to business. Our scientific data analytics service helps them get the most out of their data and find simple solutions to complex challenges.

Utilizing data is the key to developing a business

Today, consistent development is a prerequisite for business success, and data is the best basis for development. Scientific data analytics provides excellent opportunities for all development – understanding data better than ever before and finding new ways to improve business.

  • With the help of machine learning models and data, various possibilities for efficiency and savings can be found. 
  • Systems that learn from data collected through processes make business opportunities clearer and decision-making easier. 
  • Due to real-time data, faster reaction speed and optimization are possible. 

Complexity is no longer a problem

Some problems may seem impossible to solve because they consist of thousands of different variables. Machine learning offers solutions even to these complex challenges. Learning algorithms produce findings that support the solution of invisible problems, guiding data-based decision-making and development.

Machine learning can be used to generate benefits that are relevant to the business, tailored exactly to the organization’s needs. The benefits can be achieved by enhancing, optimizing, or creating completely new opportunities that are impossible to find and perceive with the human brain.

How could you benefit from scientific data analytics?

Tell us what are the problems you would like to find a solution to – no matter how complex. We help you get the most out of your process data and find the most efficient ways to reach your company’s future potential.

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