C-DReAM Simulator

C-DReAM Simulator is now available at Azure Marketplace

C-DReAM is a capacity-level simulator for evaluating Non-Geostationary Satellite Orbit (NGSO, LEO and MEO) satellite systems. It was developed in European Space Agency’s C-DReAM project together with Thales Alenia Space France and enhanced it further in the DASCE project.

C-DReAM is now a part of Magister SimLab that offers a user-friendly, vendor independent, high-class online simulation service. Magister SimLab C-DReAM environment can be purchased from Azure Marketplace, either at a monthly or annual subscription.

Deep understanding of NGSO constellations with C-DReAM

C-DReAM simulator offers versatile possibilities to study, research, and optimize NGSO satellite constellations, their characteristics, and performance – for example:

  • Satellite constellation design and parameters, coverage, and availability analysis 
  • Link budget analysis with different antenna assumptions or parameters 
  • Satellite system capacity evaluation with different design assumptions
  • Resource allocation algorithm design, optimization, and testing.  

C-DReAM simulator is highly configurable e.g., in terms of satellites, terminals, frequencies, and link budget parameters. For example, C-DReAM can be used to evaluate 5G NR-NTN usability for NGSO satellite constellation systems. 

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Magister SimLab C-DReAM is targeted at individual users. If you have a larger community of potential users, a need for customizations, or a need to address specific security requirements in more detail, please contact us.