Network simulation

Magister SimLab supporting product development, R&D and business

Magister’s SimLab integrates the whole workflow of network simulation into one service starting from scenario and campaign design, through simulation execution and monitoring, to the analysis of the results. Read here what its demo users have to say about the service.

We value our customers’ insight and feedback. They are essential in improving the Magister SimLab service, and making it more suitable for our customer’s use cases.

In January, three SatCom companies – Sateliot, SES and Thales Alenia Space France – were selected as the SimLab demo users for a one month time. Each company use simulators to support their product development, R&D or business, but they all had their own needs and expectations towards Simlab.

The pilot phase has now come to an end and we are glad that each company decided to continue discussions about Simlab-cooperation with us. But before that, we were curious to know what they thought about the service and how would they want to enhance it?

Understanding the possibilities of the system simulations

Sateliot needs simulation capabilities to support internal product development and to conduct a performance characterization of their services. For them SimLab piloting phase was an eye-opening experience:

“The overall process has been very useful to understand better the scope and possibilities offered by the SimLab framework. We see SimLab as a sort of “front-end” to provide easy access to simulation platforms. This could be very convenient once the “back-end” simulation is well understood and parametrized in a proper way to be exposed via SimLab.”

→ Magister SimLab comes with online documentation, which is being constantly improved. In addition, the use cases can be jointly defined and tailored for customer needs enabling the most essential parameters and statistics.

“A good simulator with a lot of potential”

Thales Alenia Space France was looking for support for their R&D and standardization:

“SimLab is a very good simulator with a lot of potential. The demonstration has been a good opportunity to get a better understanding of the network level simulators principles and capabilities. More flexible parameters might be required. It would also be useful to offer some interpretation or some tools for post-processing, or at least provide some possibility to convert / extract simulation results in Excel.”

→ It is critical for Magister that we have real potential customers testing the service; it gives us insight about the customer need, but also the usability of the service. More flexible post-processing capabilities is essential for even more powerful results analysis, and is in our development roadmap.

“A real and meaningful simulation system basis for satellite constellation evaluation”

SES Luxembourg on the other hand was interested in finding a possible set of complementary simulation capabilities and features for 5G Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN):

“The Magister SimLab provides a real and meaningful simulation system basis for satellite constellation evaluation. Standardized input file formats and output file formats would allow easy integration into a wider range of simulation toolsets.”

→ Agreed. The inputs and outputs are related to the simulator features and capabilities, and thus, not necessarily directly related to Magister SimLab. However, it is clearly agreed that standardized and/or commonly accepted file formats should be always preferred.

After the pilot phase SimLab is being enhanced based on the received feedback. Are you interested in finding out how SimLab could help your business? Read more here and buy it in Microsoft Marketplace!