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[First published in December 2020] This fall we received a big acknowledgement from the European Space Agency (ESA), who assigned us with a funding of 250 000 euros to improve our Magister SimLab. The funding isn’t only for Magister though, it is for the whole satellite industry. Here’s why:

Simulations without high technical competence

Network simulators are often used to study and analyze networks as part of research or standardization work, but until now, both telecom as well as SatCom industry are accustomed to producing simulators themselves. However, building a simulator is years of work and it requires technical knowledge in programming, mathematical modeling and telecommunication.

– Especially mobile network manufacturers are used to building their own simulators. Those simulators have been used as R&D tools, which are usually hard to use and they require high technical competence. Furthermore, they are not shared with others so everyone needs to build their own simulators. Building one is a huge effort, says Magister’s Director of Simulation Services, Jani Puttonen.

Our Magister SimLab service offers a possibility to use a user-friendly, vendor independent, high-class online simulation service. Although SimLab doesn’t require high technical knowledge, it still does not compromise the technical details and high accuracy.

– We want to bring mobile- and satellite network simulations available to everyone. Our simulation service is easy to set up, it’s secure and cost-efficient. In addition to using simulations as part of research or standardization activities, service also includes both great visualizations and analytics to support sales and operations, sums up Magister’s CEO, Tommi Flink.

Towards the consumption of services

Our world is starting to favour services more and more. Nowadays not everything needs to be found in an own storage. Existing resources are used in more efficient ways to one’s own core business and work of outsourced experts.

– This funding is ESA’s way to express that this ascending trend is acknowledged also in the satellite industry. For us, it is an expression of trust. We have developed our simulators for quite some time, they have been verified in numerous ESA projects and now we want to package them together, says Flink.

A pioneer leads others forward. Magister SimLab purpose is to support and ease its user’s work:

– Many of the existing simulators around the world often can’t cover all the needs of the company alone so scripts and other support systems are also needed, which again require their own specific knowledge to be actualized. With the help of simulation service even more users will be able to enjoy the profits of simulators, says Puttonen.

We at Magister offer our services to our clients’ use with additional training and other professional services if needed.

– Our goal is to develop Magister SimLab so easy to use that our customers would be able to deploy it independently as soon as possible after the purchase, tells Flink.

Do you have a need to simulate mobile- or satellite networks? We are now looking for pilot customers to test our service. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact us or read more about our services!



  • Magister SimLab is easy to use simulation service for supporting client’s product development and sales
  • Simulators included in the service are verified in numerous ESA projects.
  • ESA has supported Magister SimLab’s product development and commercialization work with a funding of 250 000 euros.
  • Magister is looking for pilot customers to try out the service.

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